Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joining A Writing Group

     Earlier in the week I attended the first meeting of what will become a local writers group. The group meets close tony house so that makes it real easy to attend.

     Everyone shared the reason they were there, and I was surprised at the varied responses. Most were what I would call typical, and one was a little mystifying.

     What I want out of the group is the occasional critique, how to write query letters and pitch stories, and the marketing of your books.

     I think we will have a good time, but we will need some experienced published authors to join our group. I think it’s critical to our groups success.

     So here’s to an interesting and exciting new journey.

     Do you belong to a writing group? What are the things you like about your group?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Add Value In All You Write

     Today I put out a message on Twitter asking what people thought I should focus on with this new blog. The majority of comments suggested I have a focus and stay with it. Having a focus will allow visitors to know what to expect. And I couldn’t agree more.
     My original intent with this blog was to document my journey as a writer, and I’ll still do that. But I also want to add some value to the readers.
     While watching the streaming video of WordCamp Las Vegas this morning, Chris Brogan, someone who has a pretty good handle on social media and marketing, said something that was very prolific. His advice, quit writing about the tools (i.e. Twitter, FriendFeed), and start using them to enhance your world. Basically, get out from behind the wall and smell the roses.
     I’m guilty of talking about the tools instead of using them to enhance my world. In fact, I deleted about 10 posts I had already started that were tool based. I thought telling you why writers should use Twitter or FriendFeed was the right thing too do. But I don’t think that way anymore. Rather than telling you about tools (which may happen from time to time), what I really want to do is talk about my experiences and how I got there.
     For example, I’m a Twitter user. If you don’t know what Twitter is, I suggest reading this blog post. I use a tool called TweetDeck which monitors all of Twitters communications, and allows me to find information based on search criteria. I’m currently finding a lot of new writers, books, and websites via Twitter. The reason this has value to me is the information I’m tracking is relevant at this moment.
     How is this going to help my writing? How can this help your writing? These are some great questions. I want to use the different streams of information to augment my life experiences, not be the experience. I think I spend more time than is necessary reading all this information. I’m not sure I really need that much.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy Key Steps in Copywriting

Professional seo copy writing is an essential component of any successful strategy for competing on the internet. Website owners know that they require the best content for websites and related materials if they are to ensure that their sites gain prominence. Using this advice, any owner can learn how to copy write to develop more effective copy, and maybe all it will take is a little research. Learning online copy writing is critical. Forget about trying to write effective internet copy if basic SEO copy writing skills are not present. To communicate effectively with any audience, the writer must not only give due attention to the tone and content of the message, but also to the mechanics that are used while delivering it. That usually means brushing up on the basic rules of how to copy write and concentrating on spelling, punctuation and grammar. The simpler the better (more here).

Keep it simple when discovering how to copy write professionally

Website owners should forget about the technical jargon when designing copy. The best approach for how to copy write is to employ the assumption that the audience is completely oblivious to technical aspects of the subject matter. That helps to keep the message simple and improves reader comprehension. Talk to the reader. Messages are received more freely when the recipient feels as though he or she is the intended audience. This can be accomplished by addressing the reader with the word “you” and focusing on what he or she needs to get out of the message. Never forget that the goal of seo copy writing is to inspire him or her to respond to this content in a positive way. Learning from example.

Finding out how to copy write will be helped immensely if one reads good quality copy and learns from it! 

The old axiom that good readers make better writers is still true to this day. Much of what appears on the internet today could be improved if those writers took the time to read quality copy and learn from it. Research effective copy on the internet, as well as email marketing pieces, and figure out why it is compelling. This advice on how to copy write is simple, but it has a proven record of effectiveness. It should be remembered though, that web copy writing skills will take time. Unfortunately, many website owners simply cannot find the time required to improve their writing abilities. The good news though, is that professional online copy writing experts can be employed to provide the quality content content that these owners need. You may not have the aspiration to become a copywriter as a profession, but any line of business you do make your profession will benefit if you can sound like a pro in your copy writing. Everyone can improve their skills if they put out just a little effort.